Pros And Cons Of VPNs Explained


What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, VPN, is a network that allows you to make a secure connection over the internet. It can be used to access websites and addresses that have limited or no access and even protect browsing activity from getting detected on public Wi-Fi. 

The privacy of a network is enhanced with the use of a VPN as the users’ IP address is replaced with a one provided by the VPN connection.

A VPN connection pushes all your traffic to a different network where you can reap larger benefits. 

It connects your personal computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device to another computer which acts as a server on the internet and lets you browse the internet using the internet connection of that computer. 

This means that if the server of that computer lies in a different country, it will be as if you have accessed the internet from that very country.

Advantages of Using a VPN

A VPN has certain advantages that have made it extremely popular among internet users. These are as follows:

Conceals your IP address

Connecting to a VPN hides the user’s actual IP address and provides them with an alternative one, which gives the user the liberty to freely access all websites, including those that are inaccessible in their country due to censorship.

Connects with AI

By nature, VPN’s have the ability to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to “learn” and open new traffic networks into websites that would otherwise not allow it (VPN passthroughs). This is just one of the many ways that AI has partnered with technology to connect humans to new layers of data.

Encrypts data during transmission

The data transferred over a public connection can be protected from the public eye with the help of a VPN. Users can protect their data from being tracked or hacked.

Ease of accessing a business network while traveling

State officials and other businessmen often use VPNs to access company servers while on the go. This is done to hide office servers from public access options due to security reasons.

Ease of accessing a home network while traveling

This happens through setting up your own VPN that helps you access your house network while traveling. This allows access to a Windows Remote Desktop through which you can access files stored on your computer.

Downloading files

One of the most common uses of VPN today is the download of multiple files through torrent (and this is not always illegal). Slow seeding over a torrent can be bumped up by connecting to a VPN.


VPNs are much cheaper than other data security plans as you do not need external hardware to get you started. Plus, it is fairly to connect to a VPN and hence, no technical help is required.

Top VPN Applications


CyberGhost is the VPN application that comes to mind when people talk about going private on the internet. It creates a VPN that is based on strong encryption. 

This keeps data secure while browsing. The company provides a one-day free trial for Windows OS, a week-long free trial period for remote gadgets and a 30-days money-back policy for all users.


Another popular VPN program is StarVPN. It is available for both Android OS as well as Apple/Mac iOS. 

A distinctive feature of this VPN application is that you can restrict certain apps and software from the use of VPN, which reduces your data usage. Another key factor is that it is very convenient to use – even when you want to use it on your Mac or PC. No prior registration is required. There is also no need to enter details like your user ID and password.

Is VPN Always A Good Option To Use?

It may seem like all is good and easy once you get a VPN connection, but it’s not that simple. Below are some aspects of VPN connections to think through before plugging in.

Affects your connection speed

Because all of your online activity is concealed, the speed of your connectivity naturally comes down. This can cause users to get impatient and eventually stop the use of a VPN. It is often suggested to use a VPN connection such as Hotspot Shield that offers security without the speed taking a hit.

 – Anti-VPN advancement

The content that you are trying to anonymously access has security measures of its own. For example, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are always combating freeloaders so you might just wake up to a VPN connection blocked from being able to access your free services.

VPN Connectivity Issues

Unless your VPN service is reliable and rich in quality, you cannot rely on it blindly. The biggest issue after this drop in connectivity is not just that you have to attempt to reconnect to the service, but it is also that your real IP might get exposed during the process and you will no longer remain anonymous.

Difficulty in configuration

If you rely on someone else for technical support above surface level, you are going to have a hard time tweaking around your connection. IP and DNS leaks can expose you to other hackers and threats on online websites.


VPN connections have come a long way from when they started. VPNs still have their own pros and cons, but their use will undoubtedly grow in the future. Although they were initially created to connect businesses over secure, dependable connections, they are now used for a number of reasons and by a diverse group of people. For example, if you want to download super wallpapers for miui 12, we highly recommend getting a VPN to improve your device security before downloading content from unknown websites.


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