How AI Is Connecting Digital Marketers With Consumers


I am sure that by now, many digital marketers have heard about Artificial Intelligence becoming more and more popular, especially in marketing. With an emerging trend in data-driven-marketing that is transforming the marketing world, we must leverage the positive benefits that can come from artificial intelligence.

There are many benefits of using AI, probably one of the greatest is being able to provide a holistic customer experience through machine learning. With a much better understanding of our consumer’s patterns, we can offer better solutions to their problems. Through AI, marketers can create a highly personalized consumer experience that can save companies money and increase their rate of return.

Here are some ways that Ai will be revolutionizing the digital marketing world.

Deeper consumer understanding

With a much deeper understanding of our consumers, we will be able to meet their every need when marketing a product or service. The number one factor in running a successful digital marketing strategy is providing a great customer experience through all of your online channels. With the help of Ai, we can track all of our user’s historical data to identify what our target consumers are saying, thinking and even feeling just by utilizing social media and other online platforms.

This will give us marketers an upper hand when it comes to pinpointing our consumer’s pain points to deliver a much better product or service to them. By doing this, it will provide a much better holistic approach to personalizing our marketing efforts around the users. The real-time data that Ai allows us to collect will allow us to optimize our marketing campaigns further, improve our branding and effectively spread awareness. 

How AI is improving customer relationship management

You all probably come across several types of messenger bots a week if not daily. Messenger bots have become increasingly popular because business owners can save money on customer service and relationship management by only using artificial intelligence that can learn and discover user patterns through data. This allows them to perform tasks like manage information, provide customer services, and even take orders in real-time.

It is much more cost-efficient, and some would argue they can be more proficient than human beings to some extent. Some major social platforms are integrating more of these chatbots features such as Facebook. Facebook has added a chatbot feature to their business pages that allow the bots to be available 24/7. Pizza hut is another major company that has utilized chatbots to take orders and answer any questions that customers might have.

Our custom software development company is also gearing towards implementing similar tactics to increase our customer relationships. This can help improve reduced waiting times which will increase their customer satisfaction through machine learning. Artificial intelligence is just getting started and will continue to provide a better user experience and help your business grow throughout the years to come.

Ai is connecting humans with data.

Data is everything now, and every company must be utilizing its customer’s data if they want to be successful in their marketing strategies. We can identify users’ data patterns to improve our user experience or website navigation. This is where chatbots can come into play as they can gather consumer data such as purchase history, website clicks, and conversions. This is huge for marketers to be able to know precisely what their consumers are looking for.

You can then look at things such as what page did they leave your website, how fast they went, and if they abandoned a shopping cart or not. You could also use this data when advertising online to improve the click-through rate and sales.


To conclude with our findings, we have found out the many advantages that AI will bring in the digital marketing world as it connects our products and services on a much more personal level with our consumers. It is important to stay up-to-date with the newest trends in order to stay relevant and ahead of your competitors.

Through technology, we can remove some of the pain points that customers go through, making the purchasing process much more efficient and faster. With that being said stay on top of the latest trends, keep up with the changes in technology, and find a way to target your audience in a much more personalized and unique way.


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