How To Create A WordPress Fitness Website

Fitness Website Template

According to Forbes, the fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing markets today. Fitness and health care professionals should turn their attention towards creating customized fitness websites as an effective way of building a huge following and providing high-quality content.

In the modern world, being able to do business virtually is just as important as doing it face to face. Today’s technology makes the process of creating a fitness website as simple as possible.

Why build a fitness website?

The reasons for creating and sharing a fitness content are plentiful.

The prevalence of chronic diseases and obesity caused by lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle points to the need for high-quality fitness guidance. Between that and growing trend of having a muscular and toned physique, it’s safe to say that the fitness industry has its hands full.

If you are a gym owner, personal trainer, or simply wish to share your knowledge, now is the best time to consider upgrading your services. A well-structured business plan needs a product and a way of providing it to the general public. The first thing that comes to mind is finding the most effective way of reaching as many people as possible.

Simple to make and with a high client reachability, a fitness website might be the right choice for you.

How to get started

In order to make your life easier here is a list of the top 6 steps in creating your personalized fitness website:

Use a web-building tool: It used to be impossible to even imagine building a whole web site without the basic knowledge of HTML or CSS. Nowadays, with the help of web builders like Wix, Weebly, or WordPress, it can be a simple and fun experience.

Choose a domain name: This is your website’s identification and a navigational system for your website. So, choose a short and catchy name that fits your brand image. Hosting services like GoDaddy and Namecheap offer premium purchase services.

Creating your domain name is the first creative step towards building a unique web site, so choose wisely. Use domain name generators like Wordoid or Lean Domain Search to make the process easier.

Use a web hosting provider: Every website needs a place under the sun. Hosting services provide virtual parking spaces for every website online. For a monthly fee, the host takes care of the technical aspect of managing your data and website traffic. When choosing a hosting provider it’s important to consider the technical requirements of your website, cost, help & support and features the hosting service offers. Offshore web hosting is highly recommended as it provides quality offshore hosting services with top-notch data protection and affordable prices.

Hosting providers make sure that all of your data, files, and content is secure and your site 100% functional 24/7.

Design your website: Web builders provide you with premade themes and templates making the process of design super simple. Even with no design experience, web builders drag and drop system lets you get creative.

Create a unique and clean design that fits your company’s identity and goals.

Create your content: Your content is a clear statement of your website’s identity. As far as fitness content goes, the sky is the limit. Share your knowledge through blogs, articles, videos or focus on creating workout and nutritional plans. The one doesn’t exclude the other. Sites like Fluid Movement, MVMNT, and Strength HQ excel in making well-written content and original design.

Don’t forget to optimize your content to improve your visibility to search engines. There’s no point in having great content if no one can see it.

Write clear, unique, and useful content to make sure your visitors keep coming back to your webpage.

Publish: After the site is launched focus your efforts into maintaining a high level of the site’s functionality. Use analytics tools like Google analytics to keep track of your site traffic, content appeal and quality.

Maintain your website and publish regularly to keep a constant flow of content on your website.

In conclusion

Here is a brief summary of the mentioned steps:

  • Use a web-building tool
  • Choose a domain name
  • Use a web hosting provider
  • Design your website
  • Create your content
  • Publish

The whole process won’t come for free, however it’s very affordable. The essential expenses include using a domain name, purchasing a website theme and a hosting service with a 10$-99$ monthly cost.

Once you’ve established your fitness website you can use it as a platform for growth into other ventures. The endless possibilities like starting an online fitness business, Youtube fitness channel or opening a gym make building a fitness website a smart investment of your time and energy.


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