How To Create A High Converting Landing Page

Landing Page Design

Your landing page is the main aspect to focus on if you are trying to improve your conversion rate. When you are designing a new landing page, you have to take a number of things into account and follow certain steps. This will ensure that the effect you want to make with your page will land and be beneficial for your business. From a marketing perspective, web ventures are more likely to succeed with a good landing page. Not only will this, but the ROI you get will maximize the conversion rate for your brand. But is it difficult to design a good landing page?

Creating a Successful Landing Page

Coming up with a good design for your landing page is not easy. What you have to focus on is the following kinds of visitors:

  1. Existing email subscribers
  2. Any warm leads you may have
  3. Your webinar attendees
  4. Paying customers & clients

Once you have your targeted audience in mind, you can go about the design work.

What To Do

Use Fast Loading Speeds

This is the main issue for most landing pages. When the page does not load in a few seconds, customers get tired and leave. This increases bounce rates and will reduce the engagement of potential customers. Where the average user waits for ten seconds for a page to load, you will have to ensure that you cater to them.

Use Strong Calls-to-Action

Powerful and demanding call-to-actions (CTAs) are the driving force for increases conversion rates. Orient your CTAs to a specific niche by using clear and straightforward language. Also, try to improve engagement by providing users with incentives and limited-time offerings.

Use Compelling Visuals

Websites pages need interesting and captivating visuals to grab user attention. The same goes for your landing page, where you need to employ the aid of graphics to appeal to a wider audience. Whatever you offer should be illustrated with an image for a proper impact.

What Not To Do

Fail to Re-Direct Leads

When your customers have completed their forms, you will have to provide an appropriate follow up. Failing to re-direct your leads is a major miss for your landing page, as it gives no assurance to the customer. You should send them a confirmation email or let them know that you will be in touch for a positive experience.

Ask Visitors to Turn off Ad Blocker

If you do not have a lot of authority as a brand or site, you should not be asked to turn their adblocker off. Customers need to view your content otherwise they will lose interest if prompted to put in the extra effort.

Forget to Track and Test

Forgetting to integrate a tracking code into your page is another mistake. You need to collect the right kind of information for insights and market research. To improve your strategy, include a code that will aid you in collecting invaluable data.


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