10 Best Heart Wallpapers in HD

Heart Wallpaper HD

In this article, we bring you the best and the most beautiful heart shaped wallpapers in HD. Each of these heart screensavers and wallpapers features the eternal symbol of love artistically interpreted in creative and unusual ways.

From free to paid option, you’ll find everything that you want here. Feel free to browse our selection of the best heart-shaped wallpapers.

1. Dark Melting Heart Wallpaper

This beautiful wallpaper shows a black red heart melting into the darkness. The perfect choice for everyone who wants sinister looking heart wallpapers.

2. Tattoo Heart Screensaver

The second entry on our list features this magnificent screensaver with incredible details. The ideal choice for people who likes complex and intriguing heart motives.

3. Fiery Heart Shape

Next up on our list is this flaming heart hovering in the skies. Got a hint of pyromania in yourself? Then this is the best heart wallpaper for you.

4. Gentle Rose Heart Wallpaper

Fourth place belongs to this gentle, rosy wallpaper featuring five distinct heart symbols in varying colors. A great gift for people with a more gentle and innocent character. Women’s favorite.

5. I Love You Wallpaper

Now, what would a best heart wallpapers list be without at least one entry with the famous proclamation: I love you? Nothing! That’s why we’ve handpicked this delicious looking latte screensaver with a heart shape drawn on the surface of coffee.

6. Colorful Hearts on Paper

This stunning wallpaper features a heart symbol made from ground up colors on a romance novel. The only downside to this screensaver is the text written in Polish. But you can easily get rid of it by blurring it out or replacing it with your own romantic message.

7. Leafy Hearts

This simple, yet mesmerizing wallpaper shows a tree vine growing in the forest with heart-shaped leaves. It’s the perfect selection for everyone who likes nature, trees and plants.

8. Heart of Stars

This visually appealing heart wallpaper shows a gigantic heart made of colorful stars on a beach. The vibrant colors of this HD wallpaper is bound to capture everyone’s attention.

9. Beach Heart

Do you love going to the beach and swimming in the warm ocean waters? Then we have this incredible wallpaper for you. Remember your best summer vacations with this amazing HD wallpaper that features sand shaped into a heart.

10. Cute Hamster Heart Wallpaper

We end our selection of the best wallpapers with this adorable baby hamster eating heart shaped candy. It’s the perfect choice for people who like animals and gentle color palettes. Another favorite for women all over the world.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know if we missed an HD heart wallpaper that we should include using the comments below.

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